Tybee Style Before & After


Here is an example of restaging. I’ve always said that the best place to go shopping is your own home.

This nook was a small part of the restaging I did for Diane Kaufman at Dutton Waller Cottage. It was done for the recent Tybee Island tour of homes.

The changes are simple yet make a world of difference. Repurposing and restaging your own things can make a big difference in your home’s appearance. In one day’s time, I had this wonderful home looking its best for the big day.

You would be well-advised to consult Hulsman Style Inc. or a designer near you before listing your house for sale. For a small hourly fee, you can position the offering of your home for success. In just a few hours, sense will be made of your abode. The result will be clarity for the prospective home buyer.

The very first things to go are are refrigerator magnets and stickers. They serve only to confuse and diminish your kitchen in the eyes of a prospective buyer.

This is just one of many types of suggestions that a talented designer can make in helping you to sell or even just to make you happier should you wish to remain in your home.