Hulsman Style Shopping

This is a wonderful source for all things cool and unique

Urban Art Miami

As I indicated in my prior post, my project in West Palm Beach is well under way. I’ve begun the shopping and purchasing process for this wonderful house. Let me introduce you to Urban Art. This is a very small but incredible source for art and accessories; you may have seen my tweet this week concerning the Gerald Vatrin sculpture. If you missed that I have it again in the slide show below.

What’s old is very new again. Believe it or not shag carpet is back and stronger than it ever was. For those of us old enough to remember the first go around, the colors were wild. The featured sample is on order for a small area in the Master bedroom sitting room and was a special request from the new home owner. This will sit on a polished black floor and be in the color shown. I don’t think it will have any resemblance to it’s 1970’s predecessor.

The next time you are in a used or vintage shop and see a chest of drawers like the black one I’ve featured, use your imagination. This chest was nothing special until they lacquered it black, mirrored the sides and changed the hardware. The effect is stunning! I’m sure you could invent your own version.

The bamboo chaise is also a special request from the family’s 14 year old daughter. This beautifully restored chaise is being covered in Pierre Frey green linen and used in her bedroom. Just add a lap-top, connect the internet and they may never see her.

The media cabinet is very cool and features hidden hardware. To open the drawers you press on a hidden piece of wood and the drawer opens. Its ample interior space will hide as much video equipment as needed. The sparse aesthetics will compliment the more modern things yet to come. There is a beautiful 19th century desk that is equally sparse in it’s presentation and a new modernist inspired bench covered in white python. All of these elements will come together and be in harmony in this 1930 Mediterranean charmer.