Fitness Report

I haven’t addressed the issue of my own personal fitness status in some time. Ultimately, I was successful in my weight-loss effort. In total, my two-year project realized a 38-pound loss.

To put that in perspective: I was 15 in 1975. I weighed in at 184 pounds and measured 6-foot-2. That’s almost where I’m at now, the difference being that I’m at 182 now and still 6-2. Over my adult weight gain career, my weight spiked to 232 about 12 years ago. That makes a lifetime total loss of 50 pounds even. I never thought that was possible.

In past posts, I’ve described my workout. This ended up being the key to my dramatic success. To quote Dr. Oz, “Exercising every day is non-negotiable.” My online trainer taught me that every other day is best for the interval training that I have been doing. My alternate day is a walking day; 3 miles does it for me. I live on A1A in Palm Beach. Where better to walk?

I am at my core a 6-foot-2 bag of bones. I knew that a high-impact workout was not an option. When I was in my 20s, I would jog 3 miles a day. I gave that up before I turned 30. It hurt too much to do that to my body every day. The cop-out for me was eliminating exercise from my life for the next 20 years.

But, you see, it’s never too late. After I turned 50, a gong sounded in my head. I knew that if I dug deeply enough, there was a great body in there somewhere. I will update my workout for you, later this week.