Everyone can use a designer’s help

This is my dear friend Heidi Cole’s family room. I did this for her 10 years ago. Recently she asked me if I would be able to give her some of my time to edit and re-stage the whole house. For a relatively modest fee for a days worth of my time the house was camera ready again. In the past a woman walked into my store in East Hampton NY. She asked if there was a designer on staff. I happened to be in that store that day. She asked if I could give her 3 hours of my time. When I arrived at her craftsman style bungalow she had unpacked and approximated everything. Three hours later she was camera ready too. That was the smartest thing I ever saw someone do. She only spent $450 for that. Heidi spent a little more than that for the whole day. That service is within reach of more home owners and renters than most would think.