New Progress Report

It is six weeks until my 51st birthday. I just weighed in at 190 lbs. That gives me enough time to lose the remaining 5 lbs to reach goal weight. My workout and walking regimen has worked wonderfully. I decided that I had to ramp things up a little. I didn’t change my interval training workout; I compressed it. What I mean by that is, instead of doing the routine in 45 minutes flat, I now do the same routine in 40 minutes. If you remember, in a prior post I told you how my interval training works. I was told by my workout guru that it changes the length of time after your workout that your body continues to burn fat, from 2-4 hours after to more than 24 hours. This obviously works. Look for my Feb. 26th post. I’ll have Jim photograph me on the beach in a swimsuit.

Oh, BTW, if you tried my chili recipe I’d love to get feedback from you.