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With regard to my zebra skin. Terry, my boyfriend Jim’s sister, asked about the rug collection in my living room. Thanks for the interest; I’m more than happy to share resources. Ziggy, as he is affectionately known, is an antique and therefore more difficult to find. The store that he came from is in West Palm Beach, called Artmosphere. They specialize in new furniture made from old, reclaimed wood from Brazil.  Go to My coffee table was imported by them. And yes, it’s OK to layer rugs. The practice is nothing new. The Victorians did this all the time. The sisal that anchors the two chairs at either end of its 15′ length is sized to do just that. The Egyptian antique carpet is therefore featured to lend visual warmth to the room without being too hot of a feeling here in South Florida. Ziggy is the exclamation point at the end of the sentence. I have a rug source in the design center in Dania Beach. They import them new from Africa. There are also less expensive copies printed on cowhide. Any of these would look great. I hope this helps; good luck.