• May 30th, 2012

    Fitness By Design / Interval Training

    Here is an updated explanation of interval training. As I said in my previous post, this was the secret of my success. It maintains your heart rate for the 42 minutes of the workout. In the course of the session, you will walk a mile on the treadmill, do 120 abdominal crunches, six dumbbell lifts […]

  • May 29th, 2012

    Fitness Report

    I haven’t addressed the issue of my own personal fitness status in some time. Ultimately, I was successful in my weight-loss effort. In total, my two-year project realized a 38-pound loss. To put that in perspective: I was 15 in 1975. I weighed in at 184 pounds and measured 6-foot-2. That’s almost where I’m at […]

  • May 21st, 2012

    Cauliflower Mash

    As I said yesterday, there will be a series of recipes involving my Five-Spice Blend. This is a heart-healthy side dish that easily converts to a soup.  1- head of cauliflower with leaves and stem removed 2 peeled & cubed Yukon gold potatoes 1 Knorr poultry bouillon cube 2 cups water 1 tsp of Five-Spice […]

  • May 20th, 2012

    5-Spice Blend & Spice Tones

    All of you who follow my blog know, I truly love to cook. I’m going to post a few recipes for which you will need my own Five-Spice Blend. This is one of countless curry blends. In case you did not know this, curry is not just one single spice — it’s a blend of […]

  • January 4th, 2012

    Fitness By Design / Veggie Burgers

                    Happy New Year! Now that the holidays have passed,  we are at that point every year  when we refocus on our health. Here is  a suggestion to get more veggies in your diet. I’ve been researching this recipe for veggie burgers. As usual, I refer to several […]

  • November 25th, 2011

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Here’s another great recipe. This one is far from health food, but once a year, it’s OK to indulge. Many years back, I acquired this recipe and then lost the card in one of the innumerable moves I’ve done. Its original version was for pumpkin. But unless your market has pre-cut pumpkin (because cutting it […]

  • October 16th, 2011

    Recipe: Channeling Your Inner 10-year-old

    Everybody loves fried foods, it seems. The reality of it is this: As good as it tastes, that’s how bad it is for you. Here is a recipe for chicken fingers that’s healthy and tastes better than its unhealthy counterpart. 1. package of 6 chicken tenders 2. 3/4 cup of panko crumbs 3. 2 tbs. […]

  • October 8th, 2011

    Goal Weight Achieved, World Changed

    I recently had a pleasant surprise at my doctor’s appointment. I stepped on the scale and realized that not only had I reached my goal weight, but I had passed it by 2 pounds! I didn’t make my projected goal of 185 by my 51st birthday. Rather than despair over it, I decided that slow […]

  • February 27th, 2011

    Birthday Boy

    Pictorial evidence of weight loss success will have to wait. I had a doctor’s appointment two weeks ago. The official weight loss is 26 pounds. I am at 194 lbs., down from 220 a year ago. Slow and steady wins the race. I wasn’t eager to post yesterday as I didn’t reach my goal weight […]

  • January 20th, 2011

    New Progress Report

    It is six weeks until my 51st birthday. I just weighed in at 190 lbs. That gives me enough time to lose the remaining 5 lbs to reach goal weight. My workout and walking regimen has worked wonderfully. I decided that I had to ramp things up a little. I didn’t change my interval training […]

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