After 30 years as a top 40 Boston designer I decided to move my life permanently to Palm Beach. You will find photos of some of my favorite projects here. You will also find other things I have found during my much loved shopping trips --it is true that you never know what you will find!

If you like great timeless design as much as I do check this section out

Healthy Cooking

I decided that after passing the 50th birthday milestone I would make it my goal to lose a much needed 50 pounds. As I have considerable culinary talents, I turned to my kitchen and reinvented those things I like to cook in a much healthier manner. I even created some new healthy (and delicious) recipes.

This section has a few favorite recipes that will help you if your goals are similar to mine.

Fitness By Design

Something finally snapped in my head after turning 50. I decided that feeling and looking better would be a primary goal. It took me 18 months to reach my goal weight in a healthy holistic manner.

Check this section out to see how I got down to under my goal weight and also how I found my life in a completely better place.


Recently my long time friend, Realtor and client Heidi Cole suggested I become a licensed Realtor here in Florida. I did just that, and I am now into my second year of working with Heidi at our brokerage firm, The Corcoran Group in Palm Beach.

I have posted some available listings for you to explore. As new listings come up so will new postings.